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Pin up headband tutorial how to sew pin up headband DIY

You will need:

- cotton
- elastic
You may need:
- scissors
- ruler
- pencil
- pins
- two safety-pins
- iron

Let's start with cutting out all shapes:
- rectangle 44x11cm (17,3x4,3in) for adults and 41x10cm (16,1x3,9in) for toddlers

- rectangle 27x11cm (10,6x4,3in) for adults, and 24x10cm (9,4x3,9in) for toddlers

- two bows from pattern shown below:
18-20cm it's 7-7,8in

- cut 16cm (6,3in) elastic for adults, and 14cm (5,5in) for toddlers
Now you should see this picture - a set of pin up headband pieces

First the bow:

-sew right sides together remember to leave about 1in hole on to turn your bow (pink lines in the second photo)

- cut off corners

- you can secure fabric edge with zig zag stitch

Now it's turn to take care of the basic of your headband:
- the bigger cotton rectangle fold in half right sides together to have long and narrow rectangle (like in the picture below)
- secure with pins

- sew with straight stitch, you can secure with zig zag stitch

Do the same with the smaller rectangle

Now you can turn all pieces right sides out

You can use thick pencil with rubber.

Turn your iron on:
- set the rectangles stitches on the middle of the fabrics, like you can see below (sorry for my English):

- iron all cotton pieces

After ironing:

- put the edges of longer rectangle inside and iron - check the photo below

Turn your iron off
Go back to your sewing machine with set that looks like this:

Sew a tunnel for elastic
- drag elastic through the shorter rectangle

- pin elastic to cotton

- sew elastic to cotton 0,3-0,4in from the edges, 2-4 times

 - it should look like this

Connect the tunnel with the basic of your headband:
- one of the ends of the tunnel put into longer rectangle

- sew straight stitch 2-3 times

Do the same with the other ends:

Now you can turn off your sewing machine :)

 - handsew the hole in the bow with invisible stitch

Put the bow in the middle of the headband:

Tie the bow and you have it! Congrats!

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